Jan Borkent, chairman. Chemist with experience in training and education in higher vocational education. Expert in the organization of PUM Netherlands senior experts, in the sector Training & Education. He was involved in projects in India, Somaliland, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Piet Eusman, secretary.  Food technologist with expertise in meat and fish applications concerning processing and functional food ingredients and additives. One of the specializations is food safety solutions for meat and meat products.

Arnoud Dukkerhof, treasurer. Accountant with expertise in advising entrepreneurs in finance and legal regulations. Tax consultant and accompanist of large and small companies in this field. Co-owner of Memoriaal Administration office and tax consultants.

Wim Logtenberg, member. Food technologist and entrepreneur in quality care systems in meat, food, environment, use of fertilizers and water. Owner of a laboratory, chemically and microbiologically, including inspection and certification department. Specialized in developing and managing of meat supply chains.