SME will not create and invest in new supply chains. SME will work in such a way that what already is existing as components of supply will be strengthened. The several parts must form a more coherent chain. The quality of the chain must become such that stakeholders are eager to become a participant. The quality can be promoted by a new market-oriented brand.

The conditions for the quality must be monitored by a good integral quality care system. A well-equipped laboratory is needed for doing the necessary analysis and advices for improvement.

SME will find out what the present situation is by a kind of baseline research done by students or Ethiopian partners. This research will give insight in the existing situation and will lead to a plan of action and improvement. This plan exists of several components like:

  • Needed investments. SME will help to find investors. The foundation itself will not be an investor.
  • Needed expertise. SME will facilitate to find the good training and trainers.
  • SME will support needed research for all parts of the supply chain, like a good market analysis.
  • Quality care system. SME will support the realization of an up-to-date quality care system.
  • SME will support the process that sustainability and animal well fare will be normal parts of a modern supply chain.

It means that SME will not do all the support itself, but will try to find the needed experts and the investors.