SME focuses on medium large companies which are already or can become the centre of a supply chain for poultry meat.  There are a few companies who have more or less this position because:

  • They have their own fodder production unit by milling and mixing raw fodder to tailor made fodder.
  • They fatten a relatively large number broilers up to 5000 per cycle
  • They have good contacts with many small holder farmers, who buy the mixed fodder and sell the broilers for being slaughtered.

Two big problems are seen:

  1. The slaughtering capacity and quality is bad. Some companies intend to build new slaughtering facilities.
  2. There is not a good market position to the consumer: retail, hotel, etc..

SME can and will use its expertise to solve these problems by advising companies and by building a good monitoring and quality care system.  A good market research is necessary to analyze the complete chain.

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Hotels only use complete chicken, frozen or fresh. Big hotels and (international) organizations buy poultry meat abroad.