SME has to build up its activities gradually. Using new experience and applying knowledge in the context of the Ethiopian society is a big challenge. Next to that the budget is limited; much time and energy is needed to come to a budget that will bring the goals nearer.

This all brings SME has to the statement of ‘Keep in small and simple’ in the starting period of the project. The described situation in the big meat sector makes it necessary to make choices. SME made the choice to start with the development of a chicken meat supply chain.

The situation in Ethiopia is described in two Rapid Market Assessments (RMA), executed by employees of the organization Fair&Sustainable. One RMA described the situation for beef, the other one for poultry.

Next to that the board of SME visited Ethiopia to get a better insight in the situation in chicken farms, fodder production, slaughter houses and the consumer market (super markets, hotels, etc.).  Of this visit a report had been made. The visit report can be found here (link maken), the two RMA’s here (link maken).