Conditions for a well-developed meat supply chain

Stakeholders in a supply chain are connected to each other by appointments and contracts. In a supply chain one company or association should be leading. That can be an association of retailers or butchers, but also a meat processing company. The present situation in Ethiopia makes the choice for a company in which slaughter- and meat processing activities are done the most effective.

Goats are resting before being slaughtered for the international market (Debre Zeit)

Other conditions for a strong supply chain are:

  • Good quality care system for the whole chain from fodder production to the consumer. SME will help to make an integrated quality care system. A laboratory which can do the monitoring and analysis is part of this.
  • A good hygienic system as part of the quality care system like HACCP, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point System. The retailer and customer should be assured of safe food. This also concerns the limited use of medicine and antibiotics.
  • Knowledge and skills should be on a good level in all areas of the chain. SME will help in instruction and training, directly linked to the need of stakeholders. Also young women and men will get a possibility to realize a better position in the labour market.
  • A supply chain which will guarantee good and enough products needs good entrepreneurs as participants. This makes it necessary to have a good selection for admittance. A well-developed supply chain has a strong market position: farmers, entrepreneurs, retailers, etc. should be eager to become a member. It stimulates a sound competition in delivering the needed quality.  A good supply chain also offers opportunities for developing a quality label, which has criteria for the quality framework. A license can be given to every entrepreneur who meets these criteria.