The project has idealistic goals, but also goals for improving and innovating business areas in the field of meat processing.

  1. Contribute to the construction of modern supply chains for meat processing in the context of the Ethiopian society. Building up a good quality care system will be a central activity in the process.
  2. Contribute to the socio-economic development of relevant target groups like (small) farmers, women and young people. A better entrance to the labour market supporting training and education will be part of that.
  3. Support the research and development of markets for new and high quality meat products.
  4. Contribute to awareness and knowledge of sustainable and fair business processes.


SME does not have an aim for making profit, but just wants to support the sector of meat to improve the conditions for better business processes and more income for (poor) farmers.

SME will realize its goals by cooperation with existing enterprises and farmers in the sector of meat production and meat processing. Cooperation with relevant ngo’s and TVET can also be beneficial to realize its goals.