The foundation SME was established on the 12th of April 2017. On that date the Memorandum of Association was signed at the office of the civil law notary in Deventer, The Netherlands.

The board of SME consisted at that date of 4 persons with different expertise backgrounds. Around the board is a network of involved people in Ethiopia and The Netherlands with useful experience and expertise.

The organization Fair & Sustainable (F&S), connected to ICCO, is important for SME as a bridgehead for information and investigation. F&S has a well-developed network in the agricultural and governmental world of Ethiopia.

The organization Agribusiness Booster, also part of ICCO, has the expertise in the area of investments. They create revolving funds for  promising enterprises so that they can make the step to the regular financial area. SME is investigating if cooperation with Agribusiness Booster can lead to a win-win situation.