SME will make its first step in supporting the development of supply chains for poultry meat.  For this SME will cooperate with existing enterprises and associations. The Ethiopian Poultry Producer and Processors Association is for SME a well-known organization. The chairman is in the Ethiopian network of SME. See for more information

The heart of a supply chain must be the slaughterhouse and meat processing. From that central point is looked back to the input of fattened chickens with the farmers who do this part of the chain. The used fodder and its farmers are part of the quality care system.

Criteria for the fattening of chickens are among others:

  • The quality of the fodder
  • The quality of the hygienic and veterinarian system
  • Attention for the welfare of the chickens, include use of medicine and antibiotics

The slaughterhouse and meat processing will have to fulfill severe criteria of hygienic conditions. The used system will be Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP. This system guarantees good and safe food.

The processes of cooling and freezing are important. The use of sustainable energy will be promoted as much as possible.

The transport of chicken form the farmer to the slaughterhouse will also be part of the quality care system.

After the meat processing the product go to the customers. These can be retail (supermarkets), upper-class hotels, (big) national en international organizations like the African Union, embassies and aircraft companies.

The quality and quantity of the meat must be assured and the customer must be prepared to pay more money for the assured quality. This can and must be cheaper than the import of chicken meat from South Arica, Ukraine of Brazil, which happens now.